Sharpening Your Focus

Discover how an engagement with Harkness Group can sharpen the focus of your operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our expertise in Lean Six Sigma and re-engineering transforms business processes, while our specialized video monitoring consulting optimizes resource allocation and efficiency. Partner with us to streamline operations, reduce costs, & improve business performance.

About Us

At Harkness Group, we specialize in transformative consulting solutions, leveraging decades of expertise in operational excellence and video security. Led by David Snyder, our team is dedicated to optimizing processes, enhancing security measures, and driving sustainable growth for diverse industries. We prioritize personalized approaches, transparency, and collaborative partnerships to deliver tangible results that align with your organization’s goals.

Partner with us for expert consulting that enhances efficiency, security, and sustainable growth across your organization.

Why Choose Us

Proven expertise in optimizing operations, enhancing security, and delivering measurable results for your organization.

20 Years Experience

Seasoned professionals with decades of industry-leading experience.

Customized Solutions

A tailored approach to engagements that exceed expectations

Industry Certified

Certified consultants ensuring industry-standard excellence and compliance in all services.

Our Core Values


Prioritizing honesty & transparency to foster trust & respect


Embracing innovation to drive meaningful progress & growth


Continually striving & improving to exceed expectations


Driving success through imaginative solutions

Our Partners

Collaborating with industry leaders to enhance capabilities and deliver comprehensive solutions for mutual success.

Our Working Process

Streamlined methodologies and strategic planning to ensure efficient, effective, and successful project execution from start to finish.

Assessment and Analysis

We thoroughly evaluate your current processes to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for optimization.

Our Strategic Planning

We develop tailored strategies that align with your business objectives, ensuring sustainable and long-term success.

Implementation and Optimization

We guide you through the implementation process, providing hands-on support to ensure smooth transitions and enhanced performance.

Client Success Stories

Hear from our satisfied clients about their experiences and the transformative impact Harkness Group has made on their businesses.